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Welcome to the social venture and social cause of TeachingKidsBusiness.com. Enjoy our many activities, programs,curriculum and books for kids of all ages, parents and educators. TeachingKidsBusiness.com has taken business, and made it kid-friendly!

We have developed a socially responsible business model which provides opportunities for kids in a positive,respectful, learning and working environment - online, MOOC, EdTech.

We are raising the awareness of and the need for business preparation education as a "social cause". - combining enterprise skills, entrepreneurship, skills and business basics.

Explore business, develop life skills and gain valuable experience.


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Key Programs of Interest:

New Book

Great gift idea to help Parents approach the challenges of Teaching Kids Business.

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Book for All Ages

Discusses business and helps you learn to understand and plan to start your own business.

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Book to help parents raise independent children -prepared for business.

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Helps develop strategies to prepare your kids for Independance.

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Gift of Business

What is GOB? How can you give GOB?

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Business Preparation Program


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