Google+ has taken business and made it kid-friendly!


Online resource to introduce, engage and launch kids into business. To help develop a foundation of life skills and experiences to prepare for business. To create an interest in business to explore and learn about business.

We have created a business world for kids grade K-12,  to discover, explore and gain experience in business. 

Business is a great education which you will use in a job/career or to deal with a business in your every day life.

 Business can be a new interest, a new challenge and as much fun as you want it to be.  Sorry for all the text. This a good resource and not an entertainment site. Things that are good for you aren't always the most fun.

As a free online resource you can use this site when you want, how you want and get as much out of it as you want.  You set the rules. You can learn, play, have some fun, prepare for your future, get job experience and start a business.

  • We have created steps for you to take in your journey into the business world.

  • Don't expect to know what business is all about or what you want to be when you grow-up. We will help you start to think about it and prepare yourself, as you explore business through our site.

  • We offer more then a business experience and career experiences, as we help kids prepare for success in whatever they do.

  • Kids of all ages are welcome to explore business with us.

  • We help kids take the steps now to prepare for their futures!

    Good luck in business and enjoy!


Why do adults always ask kids what they want to be when they grow up?"

" Because they are looking for ideas!"

"All 70 million kids in America and many more millions worldwide will get involved in business at some time in their lives, but few will be prepared. My goal is engage kids in business in a responsible way, get them interested, develop skills and create opportunities for experience. "
Jeff M. Brown


Updated November 26, 2013
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