Business Basics Program

 Business (Corporate) Responsibility



We have all been taught about the environment in school. We all understand the concepts of pollution, conservation, recycle, reuse, habitat, energy sources etc. If we understood these concepts a little better and take some responsibility for the environment, we would individually and collectively help the environment. We need to understand what kind of decisions are being made by businesses that impact the environment. As we become decision makers in businesses, we need to understand the issues so we can act in a responsible way.

Remembering that we can influence businesses and businesses make decisions that impact the environment, then we can impact the environment.

Kids are much more aware of the issues and opportunities that face our environment then many business people. Kids are more likely to take charge and to do some very meaningful things, because it is kids that will benefit from responsible steps  taken on the environment.

The next logical step is to understand what businesses are doing in regards to the environment and figure out what we can do to help the environment. will work to provide this educational  material to you as we develop and or acquire appropriate information.