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Business Ethics - Lying

This is a topic that has found its way into the front page of the media in 2002, as a very big story. The topic of ethics has many areas to discuss, but we would like to focus on one that all kids can relate to, which is lying. We all know what lying is, how it can hurt people and how a lie effects how people deal with liars.

In business, there has been a problem of people lying. The problem has always existed as it has with people you go to school with.  The problem with lies in business is that they impact many more people then a schoolyard lie. The one main similarity is that people who lie in the schoolyard will probably lie in business.

Lies in business can cost people jobs, destroy companies and cost good people a lot of money. Lies in business happen by telling people that a product can do something that it really can't do, or not telling people that a product could harm you, or destroying a near by river with hazardous wastes, selling broken products or creating false information from your customers and investors etc.  There are lots of ways to lie and lots of different ways it effects people.

This is an area that kids can help business. If kids can learn not to accept lies at an early age, then we will face fewer liars in business.  Unfortunately, people become good liars with lots of years of practice. We can all benefit from character education to help solve this problem. Kids can also learn to do business with businesses that demonstrate that they do not accept lies and that they thrive to act in an honest way.  Remember it is actions and not words that count.

We hope to develop and acquire additional information on this topic.


This section is an area that we are developing and would appreciate input on how to relate this concept to kids and how to further develop it in an impactful  way contact us from our contact page.