Kid's Caddie Program

Caddie Service Agreement.

 (This program is only recommended for situations when your Golfer is familiar with this program and prepared to participate.  For the caddie, the agreement helps him/her communicate what their Caddie experience is hoping to accomplish.   It also gives the kids an understanding that they are providing business services and  an introduction to a form of business agreement. This can also be used as  a friendly reminder to the golfer that there are certain responsibilities when undertaking a caddie.) Career Preparation Caddie Program

Caddie Service Agreement

                                                               (the Golfer) agrees to assume the following responsibilities during my round of golf today;
  1. I will respect my caddie and treat him/her fairly and professionally,
  2. I will act as a mentor and take an interest in his/her career ambitions and provide honest and candid advice, (optional)
  3. I will answer as many questions as possible regarding career preparation and opportunities, (optional)
  4. I will share the great traditions of golf through a few stories and uphold honesty and sportsmanship, (optional)
  5. I will consider the safety of my caddie at all times,
  6. I will respect the personal privacy of my caddie and not ask anything that he/she is uncomfortable with,
  7. I will enjoy my game of golf and have some fun,
  8. I will compensate my caddie a base pay of                                 with potential tip/bonus based on performance.
I                                                                                                      (the Caddie) agree to provide the following;
  1. I will provide  traditional caddie services that I have been trained on within the best of my abilities,
  2. I will be cheerful, listen to my golfer and take instructions in a respectful way,
  3. If my golfer is willing to answer career advice questions I will respect his or her wishes on when it is appropriate.  I will ask as many questions as possible and learn as much as possible about caddying, golf and my career preparation, (optional)
  4. I will make a contribution to charity from my fee in the  amount            % of my fee. (optional)
  5. I will enjoy my day.

Agreement entered into this                  day of                          (month)                            (year).


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