Kids Healthy Living Program™

Healthy Living


Business and healthy living are connected on a number of levels. The health of business and individuals are connected. An important element of preparing for business is to learn how to look after yourself and develop skills that ensure you are informed about what it takes to be healthy, Health is one of the most important skills you can learn. It takes time to research, practice and a commitment to be healthy.


One of the most important things we can learn is to take care of ourselves through a healthy lifestyle. This includes what we eat (healthy food choices and healthy cooking), how we care for our bodies (fitness and food), social (finding time to be social and skills we develop to interact with others), physical (fitness and safety) and mental health (happy balanced individuals which food is a good part of).


This is not something we should take for granted or think we have all the answers. Our health warrants our time and resources. We have researched and provided many resources to help you learn about a healthy lifestyle.


We have initially built this program based on the activity of cooking. We recognize that cooking is practiced around the world, is relevant to everyone as everyone eats, provides quality time together for families with "teaching moments" to learn about food and good health.


As we also realize that business is universal, practiced by all cultures, relevant to everyone as a customer or working in a business. Businesses are successful because of people. Healthy people are more productive and will contribute to business success. Businesses have an interest in the health of people. Therefore, as we teach kids business we want to make the connection between business and healthy living.


Initially, this program asks you to consider cooking to begin to learn about healthy living. Explore food and healthy living as you participate in cooking activities.


Enjoy good food, good health and success in life.