This section will help you create an advertisement for your KODIP.  In phase 1 of our marketplace we can display a written advertisement for your product.

You have seen or heard many advertisements on t.v., radio, magazines, outdoor signs and possibly newspapers.  You know what works for you or the type of advertisements that catch your attention. Your advertisement should catch the attention of other kids.

You'll want to write some words to create some interest and excitement about your product. You  should give the reader a reason to look at your product. 
Consider trying your advertisement  before you read this section.  Sometimes, to be new and different, you just have to "go for it" and experiment with what you think makes sense. 

 We have provided you with some ideas to help you get started.  This will serve as a guide, but you must apply your own thinking  in order to achieve a result.  You may want to check out the "Put Your Thinking Hat On" section to help you think through this area.

We do not have the capabilities for pictures, video or page layouts.  At this stage we are just looking for a phrase  that will create some excitement in your product. We are planning better ways to show your advertisements.

[Check out some examples of kid's advertisements]

Brainstorming is a great way to increase the number and variety of ideas.  Your goal in brainstorming is to come up with a long list of "crazy ideas".  If you get people to help you, make sure you write down all the ideas and don't criticize any of them. No idea is too crazy to write down.  Have fun with it and push yourself to think up unusual ideas, beyond your normal thinking.

1.  Why should we even care about  (insert your product's name)?

2.  What type of person would be interested in (insert your product's name)?

3.  What aspect of (insert your product's name) do I like best, or least?

4.  What are the benefits of (insert your product's name)?

5.  If (insert your product's name) does not succeed, what are the problems?

6.  How can (insert your product's name) be explained to a 8 year old?

You want to help people see what makes your product great. You want to get them to try it. You can't just tell them that it is great, because they have heard that before and they won't believe you. What you need to start with, is a way to make your message appeal to them. The message (your ad) must sell itself!

Stopping power is the ability of an advertisement to stop people in their tracks, to make them sit up and take notice. You want people to say "Did you see that?" or "What did you say?"

To be good, your ad copy will have to communicate its point clearly and simply, to avoid losing the audience. Make it reach out and grab the reader.

Design refers to the look, feel, and style of the ad.  The design must somehow reach out to the readers, grab their attention, holding it long enough to communicate the appeal and finally, attach it to the brand name in the reader's memory.


An optional element consisting of a short phrase, evoking the spirit or personality of the brand.

You want people to read your advertisement, like it and remember it. Don't worry if you don't have all the things we've mentioned. We are just trying to show you what big name companies tend to do.  As evolves, we will be able to help you more and create  tools and forms that give you more options for your advertisement design.

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