Imagine an e-marketplace created by Kids

    A place where kids market "kid's Online Digital  Information Products" - KODIP!!

       A place where kid's great imaginations will go to work!!!

   will be a kid's created phenomena!!!!   

               The World's  Kid's e-Marketplace!!!!!

                   Business, a game that kids can play!!!!!!      


The Lemonade Stand is a symbol of a kid's first business.  We are taking the idea of a kid's business, including kids from 8 to 18 and launching them into a kid's internet marketplace.  Hopefully it will be the first business experience for many kids!


Background Info

The is the natural business step for you to take. Our Just For Clicks Business Game got  you started by  working through a number of steps you need to take, to set-up a business.  will provide you with greater experience in actually taking your product to market and seeing it perform.  You probably asked yourself if anyone would want the product you created in the business game. You will find out in our marketplace.


 We are giving a lot of thought to ways to make our marketplace a great experience while also keeping it safe.  The marketplace will be "protected" in such a way, that  you can freely display your digital information products, while keeping your personal identity hidden.  The marketplace will know the "Kid's business operator" but not your real name.  All content will be screened for appropriate information, before it enters the Marketplace.  In addition, no personal information will be shared, nor will anyone be able to contact you directly.  will have to operate like a business and charge you to set-up your business and participate in "The Kids' Business Launch".  We believe that we will create a Marketplace that you will want to participate in and market your product.  

  • We are looking for some help to involve local newspapers in our launch.  Please look at our Media Proposal and refer your local newspaper to this page.

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