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- What do you want to do when you work; save lives, participate in sports or build things?
- What do you dream about doing in your future?
- What would you like to explore further to see if it is a good fit for you?

Career Objective:


You are now somewhere between grade level K and grade 12.  You most likely realize that it will take more education to do what you want to do, but you're not even sure what that is yet.  Education prepares you for your career, by providing you with the basics of how to think, communicate and obtain knowledge.  If you don't plan your education properly, it could limit, or delay your success during your working years.  While there are exceptions of individuals who have succeeded with minimal education, don't limit yourself!  Find ways to learn either out of, or within the education system!

Current Grade Attending:

Special Achievements in School:

Education Plan:
What you need to do, for what you want to be. Click the levels of education that apply and write an educational plan at the end. What education would you like to have? What education do you need to have for your career choice?

Complete Grade (k-8):

Complete Grade 9-12:

Finish Trade School/Apprenticeship:

Finish College/University:

Finish Post Graduate Program:

Other Education Required:

Educational plan.

At this stage, your working experience is probably limited to making your bed, putting out the garbage, mowing the lawn, and hopefully, other more challenging things.  We're sure many of you have helped your teachers, or Mom/Dad with computers, or on the Internet.  You have to start somewhere and make a point to take steps every year to develop your experience. Experience is a good thing!  Even though making your bed seems like a real pain, it is a good start for kids to assume responsibility and develop  experience.  You want to develop a pattern of taking on more responsibility and increase your willingness to learn. This will not only make your parents very proud and happy, but it will make you feel more confident in yourself and you'll then be better equipped to present yourself to others for job and business opportunities.   

Experience is a very powerful tool.  It allows you to develop important characteristics that will help you throughout your life.  As you gain experience around the house and out-of-house, try and be aware of the importance of that experience and how best to use it to develop yourself. Try and make the most out of what you learn and use it to move to the next level.

Think of these words as you tackle your experiences; responsibility, decision making skills, confidence, leadership skills and communications skills.  We will help you develop an understanding of this "terminology" and more, as we develop this program.

We have created some opportunities for you to gain experience in our Kids for Jobs Program and "Business Encounter" area.

Things/Jobs I Do at Home:

Things/Jobs I Do
Outside of Home:

Sports/Art/Music Accomplishments:

Other Experiences

Experience Plan:

(Things I Need to Work On)

  Skills allow you to do things well. Are you good at; drawing, musical, athletics, telling stories or jokes, working well with others, leader, helpful to others, team player, good with technology, great memory, good with numbers etc? Ask other people what you are good at.
List skills you have.
The Personal section is probably the easiest part of developing your resume, because it is about the things you like to do outside of school and work. This section helps people get to know  you as a person, beyond your education and experience. This is an area that is important for you to start working on now.  It can start with sports, music, arts & community clubs and evolve over the years as your interests change.  Hopefully, your personal development will include taking an interest in your community & in charitable organizations and you will find it rewarding and enjoyable.

Clubs or Associations I Belong to:

Sports I Like:

Things I Like to Read:

Other Fun & Interesting Things  I Llke to do:

Accomplishments Other Than School and Work:

  You have completed an important step in the development of your future career.  Don't stop here!  Update your résumé regularly and come up with a plan to further develop it!  Keep a file and compare the new résumé with the older version.  Over time, you'll definitely be able to see your personal growth and experience level begin to evolve.  Talk to other people about it and be sure to ask a lot of questions, as you work towards creating your career.
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