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How To Get Started In Our Site:  This section helps our users get started with our programs.

Introduction. Introductions for kids, parents and teachers.

Info Center - All the information other then our programming. Background info for parents and media.

Background information  


Resource Center - These are the tools or resources we offer to help kids develop skills to prepare themselves for business.

Business Encounters - These are the opportunities we have created for kids to gain experience. (Example: caddie program, Jobs-For-Kids, business club, developing a business)

Community Involvement - This is the section where we ask people to help teach kids business or get involved in helping us develop and deliver programs.

Store - This is our key way of funding the management and development of our site. We do not allow advertising to kids on our website and we do not collect personal information to sell to anyone.


The Gift Of Business For Kids - This is a concept we have developed to get people thinking of treating kids with a gift of business. Use a gift to get a child thinking about business and preparing for business. (related site)

Games - This area connects you to games - business games for kids.

Business Preparation Programming For Kids - Explanation of this concept and links to get you started. (related site)

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What - we are a social venture providing online programming to introduce kids to business. We are focused on kids under 18 years of age with our main users 10 to 14 years of age.

Why - we feel kids need more preparation for business and careers. We believe there is a need to provide kids with access to information on business preparation.

How - we offer free online programming to introduce kids to activities to develop skills in our (resource center). We create opportunities for kids to get valuable experience (business encounters) and we encourage communities to participate (community involvement). 

Where - as an online resource we compile input worldwide and provide our services 24/7/365. Our development is managed in North America and we are limited to the English language. Our book is translated into Japanese, Chinese and published in India.

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