Lemonade Stand

Welcome to our lemonade stand program. Thousands of kids have enjoyed this program and we hope you will too. To help you learn about business, we have developed a business program using the lemonade stand. This is the best known kid’s business and therefore the best way to talk to you about business. Steps To … Read more

Lemonade Stand Tips

Helpful tips on planning and/or getting prepared for your lemonade stand business Grab a pad of paper and a pencil and start scribbling down some ideas and doodle a little Write a business plan to work through the many things you need to consider Prepare a budget on the cost of all the things you … Read more

Lemonade Stand: Things To Think About

Let’s consider planning the set-up of a lemonade stand. Before you get started, you have a lot of things to consider or decisions to make. You can make it as simple as possible or very sophisticated. Like in any business, the more thought you put into developing it right, the better the chance you have … Read more

Lemonade Stand Program Introduction

Let’s learn about business while we develop a well known kid’s business; the lemonade stand business. The Lemonade Stand Goes Internet™, is a phrase we are using to develop and communicate our program. We are using the internet to help you develop your lemonade stand business and to share the lemonade stand business concept with … Read more

Lemonade Stand Business Case Example

This is an excellent example of lemonade stand business. We hope this helps you get started in your business! Kool Kat’s Lemonade and Southern Belle’s Snacks My sister and I had a lemonade stand in April of 2004. My name is Katrina, I’m 7. My sister is Isabella, she is 4. We were partners. On … Read more

Editorial: Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand is one of the most recognizable businesses in North America, that generates revenues in many markets, creates many jobs and puts a whole new face on business. We know these businesses exist, we know that they are run by eager and talented young professionals and most of us would stop and gladly … Read more

KODIP Lemonade Stand

1) Business Name: Lemonade Stand Consulting Enterprise 2) Product Name: Lemonade Stand Consulting Introduction 3) Category: Business self-help 4) Age Group selling to: 6-13 5) Boy or Girl preferred: Both 6) Advertising: Lemonade stand – a great business for kids to try! 7) Price: 0.00 8) Word Count: 149 9) Description: (See Below) The lemonade … Read more

Village Square

Welcome to this resource to help you explore developing yourself for business and entrepreneurship. Consider this as a journey to understand yourself, develop your skills and invest time in yourself to open up your possibilities and develop your potential for success in life. This resource allows you to move at your own pace with no … Read more

The Kids Guide To Business

The Kids Guide To Business is an excellent introduction to a business book to help kids prepare for business. Provides a kid-friendly approach to introduce, prepare and launch kids into business. Kids take steps to develop a business and are easily engaged in business as they explore business basics and advanced business principles using the … Read more

Kids Academy Egypt

Draft for discussion. Welcome to the Kids Academy Egypt in partnership with TeachingKidsBusiness.com. The two day camp has been developed to introduce kids to business, develop skills and gain valuable experiences to prepare for business. The program is based on a two day camp session. Course outline: Resume C/V – is a starting point to … Read more