About TeachingKidsBusiness.com

Founder: Jeff M. Brown

Social Entrepreneur & Author

Recognized the need to teach kids business as a parent and businessperson.

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Strategy, Vision & Mission



TeachingKidsBusiness.com is a site that respects Kids, allows them to explore and learn in a non-commercial, safe and positive environment. Kids will prove to us that they are very capable, and given the opportunity, proper influences, and tools; they will do amazing things in business and life!


Our vision consists of what we’re committed to become. We are committed to teaching kids business and becoming a trusted and valued resource that will help kids prepare for their futures. Teaching kids business is a broad area of programming that includes career preparation, business preparation, business/life skills development, job training and self-discovery of talents.


Our mission is what we’re doing, right now, to understand, serve & communicate with our users.

We are providing programming to kids and influencers (adults – parents, teachers & community leaders) to engage participation in teaching kids business.

We are inviting our users to participate in the development of the site and help us understand the needs and areas of improvement in our programming.

We communicate with our users by the nature of the availability of our website, but we thrive to improve the presentation and context of our communications. We are trying to convey topics in a kid-friendly way.


Why is Teaching Kids Business Relevant:

  • Every child will either work in a business or buy from a business
  • Business is not taught in school but is the most relevant subject
  • Life skills learned to prepare for business will contribute to success in daily life
  • Business can be a positive activity and great influence on kids
  • Developing kids with business skills will lead to entrepreneurship
  • Engaging kids in business will change business through educated influence
  • Business changes lives