TeachingKidsBusiness.com Code of Business Practice and Ethics

(In Continual Development)

This is an area that we will continue to develop and communicate. We realized this section is very relevant to teaching kids business and it is basically the right and wrong of business. Kids realize that people may do wrong if they don’t know what is right. We all have the responsibility in business to take the time to teach people what we believe is right and how people should act in certain circumstances.

Please join us in continuing to develop this section into something that is right, can be easily understood and most importantly abided by. We would appreciate your input; please see our contact page.

Purpose of our code of ethics is for us to state what is important to us and how we will operate as a company.

What is important to us;

  • providing a safe, educational, enjoyable internet experience for kids,
  • create an environment on our website and within our organization that respects kids,
  • engage kids to develop skills, experience and confidence in themselves,
  • to empower kids to learn about business through meaning programming and participation,
  • provide a framework that engages the involvement and programming development of people who are interested in impacting kids in a positive way,
  • to focus on business related learning & experiences while avoiding discussions that promote participation or opinions on sex, religion and politics and other possibly controversial subjects. We believe that there are other more appropriate resources to deal with these topics,
  • is that the opinions that we share on the website are fair representations of business and are appropriate for kids 8-17,
  • it is important that we uphold our guiding values and ensure that we maintain the trust and respect of our users and representatives,
  • is to develop an excellent reputation with; kids, the internet community, educational programming providers, business community, youth service groups and other community members who care about the development of kids,
  • to be an organization of character which understands, develops and nurtures elements of character.
  • we will not knowingly use information from people or other sites that is not consistent with our philosophies,
  • to be environmentally friendly whenever possible and encouraging product and programming development that uses digital transmissions,

Leadership commitment in maintaining high standards within our organization and in our dealings with others.

We are unique in that we will thrive to act as a model or a standard for organizations to;

  • empower kids,
  • teach and demonstrate philanthropy in a generous and responsible way,
  • teach kids business,
  • create opportunities for kids.

Role of TeachingKidsBusiness.com in the community.

  • TeachingKidsBusiness.com expects to play a key role in teaching kids business internationally as business is a universal language and common custom,
  • Raise the profile of kids in our communities, the need for the development of business education for kids and the potential of kids in business,
  • Act as a model social venture in effective commitment to philanthropic activities,
  • Engage all members of our communities to participate in teaching kids business.

The Purpose and Values of our Business

TeachingKidsBusiness.com provides education programming, entertainment, training, opportunities and ideas to kids. We are here to help kids learn about business by getting kids and community members involved.

Employees and/or representatives

Anyone who is involved with TeachingKidsBusiness.com is expected to abide by our code of ethics.

The business values of people we associate with:

  • employees, contract personal and contributors to the site will be respected and dealt with in a professional and appreciative way.
  • we believe that people are a companies most valued assets and we will thrive to ensure that people are dealt with in a manner that develops and protects their potential.

The company’s policies on:

  • working conditions,
  • recruitment,
  • development and training,
  • rewards,
  • health,
  • safety & security,
  • equal opportunities,
  • retirement,
  • redundancy,
  • discrimination
  • harassment.
  • Use of company assets by employees.

Customer Relations

The importance of customer satisfaction and good faith in all agreements, quality, fair pricing and after-sales service.

We will thrive to ensure our customers or users have a positive experience with our programming.

Shareholders or other providers of money

The protection of investment made in the company and proper ‘return’ on money lent. A commitment to accurate and timely communication on achievements and prospects.


Prompt settling of bills. Co-operation to achieve quality and efficiency. No bribery or excess hospitality accepted or given.

Society or the wider community

Compliance with the spirit of laws as well as the letter. The company’s obligations to protect and preserve the environment. The involvement of the company and its staff in local affairs. The corporate policy on giving to education and charities.

Importantly we will honor children’s privacy laws and abide with laws and guidelines.


The process by which the code is issued and used. Means to obtain advice. Code review procedures.