Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”

Social Cause of “teaching kids business

An element of CSR is companies engaging in actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the company. Efforts are directed to helping improve communities, beyond the efforts towards the success of a company’s products and services.

Businesses benefit communities in a number of ways from their business activities by creating jobs, generating profits for wealth distribution and taxes to support government services.

CSR takes a business‚Äôs contributions to local communities and countries they operate in to the next level, by supporting programs to improve communities. This support can take many forms such as funding charities, supporting social causes, sponsoring programs to support sports, culture, arts and education etc. This framework for support can be directed to the social cause of ‚Äúteaching kids business.‚ÄĚ is a social venture which makes CSR a key element of the business strategy. Our website programming, products and services are developed to benefit kids. In addition we would like to help educate kids on CSR to further enhance the development of kids.

Programming to teach kids business benefits communities in many ways. As kids learn about business, they develop important skills and gain experience to succeed in life. They set goals in life and direct their themselves to succeed. Business activities are positive influences for kids and will help change their attitudes about learning and become more engaged with relevant business education. Better prepared children will gain confidence and ability to succeed. More confident and focussed kids will reduce social problems.

By creating awareness of teaching kids business as a CSR we could engage kids to develop KSR (Kids Social Responsibility). KSR would encourage kids to redefine social involvement by developing skills to impact themselves and others in positive ways. Kids would take on the reasonability of developing themselves which will have an positive impact on others.

There are opportunities to make ‚Äúteaching kids business‚ÄĚ a CSR strategy for all businesses. There are simple and cost effective ideas for large corporations, such as sharing corporate training programs with kids (making them kid friendly) to help develop business/life skills at an early age. Small companies can share their entrepreneurial stories to inspire kids to develop and succeed in business. We can be creative and find innovative and responsible ways to teach kids business.

There are also opportunities to teach kids CSR to engage them in business in new ways and help them influence businesses in positive ways. Effective CSR is having the benefactors aware of the efforts, needs and impact. Engaging kids will help CSR thrive in the future.

We can create engaging programming for kids which will develop our future business resources – developing the foundation for the future success of our communities.

We currently have a number of programs which can be enhanced through sponsorship suppor

Entrepreneurship Program

Kids Business Basics Program

The Gift of Business for Kids