Hackathon – Teaching Kids Business as a Social Cause

A challenge we have all had as we grew up was making the right decisions to succeed with an education and find our way in the business world.

Many of us still have not found our way and are perplexed on what we should learn and how to succeed in business.

If we were to start over – we would do things differently – take a different path and be more likely to succeed.

Why is that kids continue to make the same mistakes?

Why have we not figured out how to teach kids business in school or out of school – to prepare kids for business at an early age if at all?

Here is a call to hackers – let’s all be hackers – put on our thinking hats and figure it out – solve the problem; as parents, responsible adults, business leaders and people who care about the next generations and who can make a difference in the lives of others.

What if we thought of “teaching kids business” as a “social cause”?

Yes, this may seem strange at first, to seriously consider business as a social cause, when there are so many causes that come to mind. Many of us think of business as a “profit cause” and not “social cause” related – but there are social ventures and social entrepreneurship to help push our thinking and help us consider the concept of teaching business as a social cause.

Business creates wealth which often is a key factor for support to a social cause.

Business develops skills and resources which are capable of supporting social causes.

Businesses can influence change in the world – can impact society in very positive ways.

What if kids, at an early age, understood the basics of business and were better prepared to influence businesses rather than being vulnerable to being exploited or influenced by businesses.

What if kids became engaged and aware of business solutions and contributed to solutions in society – more involved in driving innovation in society – participating in developing small businesses and exploring entrepreneurship.

What if we engaged kids in business at an early age – in a responsible way – learning about a healthy balance of play and work related activities? What if we prepared kids with skills such as stress management, time management, problem solving, innovating and giving them the confidence and pride from contributing in new and innovative ways – raising the bar on being a kid and redefining activities recommended for kids – business activities for kids – playing around with business – exploring business – talking business with family and friends – doing business in their daily lives.

If you have not “hacked” or been part of a Hackathon then try this activity, learn a new skill and get engaged in this social cause.

  1. How and when should we teach kids business?
  2. Why should we teach business – why is it important?
  3. Where should we teach kids business?
  4. What impact will this have on kids and society?

Share your thoughts.





Let’s get the hacking started and see where it goes.

Written by Jeff M Brown who is a social entrepreneur, founder of TeachingKidsBusiness.com and an author of three books on teaching kids business and parenting.