There is a need and an opportunity to change the way we educate kids – the way we learn to learn and the way we teach.

The term hackschooling is a creative way to look at learning outside of traditional school systems and learning methods- to examine how to learn, to challenge the way we learn and to find better ways – creative ways with better results.

The term to “hack” is to exploit weaknesses in a system. The action of hacking is evolving from security testing of technology applications to revolutionizing our lives in many ways such as food in the Food Hackathon. The TEDx talk below by Logan Laplant has named a way to hack the traditional schooling system as “hackschooling” or his case a home-schooling approach. Watch the video and think about the message he is giving. We can all learn to improve the education of kids with this thinking even within our current education systems.

Hacking can be an additional strategy to education in the context of finding better ways to educate kids. This can be done by working with traditional schools and helping evolve the curriculum and teaching methodologies. Kids have learned to hack by doing google searches to find answers, watching educational videos on YouTube to learn, watching TED Talks, and accessing the wealth of information throughout the internet which is available beyond the traditional classrooms and libraries. Parents and educators can find ways to hack the education system and create a new way of learning.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com recognizes the importance of business preparation and the necessity of including business in our daily education at an early age. In many ways the TeachingKidsBusiness.com programming is an element of hackschooling by teaching outside of the traditional education system and helping kids to explore and learn about business through non structured curriculum resources. In addition many schools use our programming. We realize the need to teach business at an early age and are developing ways to provide this education. We help kids discover business, engage kids in thinking about business and developing skills for business preparation. Our goal is not to be too focussed on business, but rather complement and supplement education with a relevant connection to business that builds skills for daily life.

TEDx Video Logan Laplant 13 – Story of a hack-schooling approach

TED Talk Sir Ken Robinson – How School Kills Creativity

Our goal is to hack schooling and find ways to improve the way we teach kids and the way kids learn. Business education is great way to teach relevant information and develop relevant skills.