An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Knowledge is power, and the ultimate power, is the know-how to be your own boss. is an online power centre of knowledge, providing that know-how.

The website employs various educational tools – from online games, videos and books, to an entrepreneurship program, which teaches kids how to start their own businesses.

Let’s face it – our world is far more complex. Gone are the days of getting a good education, and landing that decent paying job that you keep until you retire.

According to Statistics Canada’s July 2014 figures, the number of full-time permanent job postings has dropped, while part-time temporary gigs has increased. This isn’t the first time sustainable full-time work has been outpaced by temporary part-time work – it’s actually been the norm for the past five years.

Far worse, is the trend by big companies exploiting unemployed people, giving them non-paying internships that force people desperate for a pay cheque to put in full-time hours, for no money, hoping their hard work and dedication will turn into a job.

Recently, Bell Canada and Rogers Communications – two of the largest media giants in the country – cancelled their intern programs, after the federal government announced investigations into the increased use of interns by companies of all sizes across the country.

Clearly, if you want control over your career, you have to be your own boss, and set your own course.

Perhaps, if I wasn’t so busy playing tag, watching Loonie Tunes, or simply sleeping in when I was a kid, I would have become an entrepreneur earlier?

Remember, knowledge is power.

And provides that knowledge, in a fun and entertaining format for kids, and an informative one for parents.

More than preparing kids to be their own boss, the website is a wealth of information on business basics, creating a resume, and helping focus and inspire kids to be what they want to be. It helps kids develop the life skills needed to gain work experience, learn about starting a business, and to gain entrepreneurial experience.

Small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them are the key to growing our economy. In both Canada and the States, small and medium sized businesses outnumber the large ones. However, start-up failure rates are high – one in ten start-ups doesn’t make it past their second year in business.

Start-up failures are high because entrepreneurship is a journey. And we all make mistakes as we embark on that journey for the first time. No one is born with the knowledge to be a successful entrepreneur.

That’s where helps, it provides the necessary tools and resources to educate young people, to build the foundation of skills to be successful in the business world.

Kids are learning so much more in school than when I was a kid. From cropping photos in PhotoShop, to building websites in HTML, even building mobile apps. When I was a kid, neither PhotoShop nor HTML even existed. And mobile apps? Only doctors had pagers – remember them?

Yet business skills are still not a key focus in school, there’s just too much to teach in our new knowledge-based society. is a great solution to an education system that is overwhelmed with all the other topics, let alone the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

I wish they had it when I was a kid.

Parents should introduce their kids to – it’s a great place to spend some quality time together, building their foundation for the future.

By Jordan H Green