Editorial: Questions About Business For Kids

  1. What is business?
  2. Why do kids need to learn about business?
  3. At what stage are we really taught about business?
  4. When is the right time to teach business?
  5. If we started teaching business to kids at an early age, would it help them prepare better for business?
  6. What should be taught to kids about business?

There are many questions surrounding the topic of kids and business or kids in business. It is appropriate that this subject has many questions as it is the also the nature of kids to have questions.

The questions that are answered properly for kids are the ones that help shape them. The topics or questions that are avoided usually are answered by kids friends or by their own intuition. Unfortunately, both of these perspectives are often limiting.

When we start to think about learning about business, there are lots of interesting philosophies to consider. There are many self-help books for adults on setting up a business and lots of government assistance in these areas. If we look at business from a kids perspective and start to answer the obvious questions, we will begin to relate business to kids.