Editorial: Gifted Kids

Every Child Is Gifted

This was inspired from a little girl in grade three. The little girl is my daughter.

One day as we were walking home from school, she asked me if she was gifted. I sensed she was a little sad at the time, but not as sad as I quickly became. My first reaction was to question why she though she may not be gifted. She had a letter in her hand that said she was not a candidate for a gifted program at her school – that she was not gifted from the schools perspective. The letter was poorly written and had quite an effect on my little girl. The letter was referring to a school program that basically tested the I.Q. (intelligence quotient – measurable intelligence you are born with) of grade three students .

As a father I was very quick to say that she was very gifted in many other ways then I.Q. Fortunately, she is a smart student, but more importantly she was very social, athletic , good looking and got along well with other kids. I explained to her that I.Q. is just one of many measurements of being gifted. She had other gifts that will take her much further in life then a little higher I.Q.

As you think about yourself you should realize that everyone has their own unique gifts. It may be your smile, laugh, sports, music, arts, dancing, telling jokes, impersonating people etc. There are many things that make you special therefore, don’t feel you are not gifted because someone judges you based on a gift that you may not have.

You may not know what your gift or gifts are, but over time you will discover them. Have confidence in yourself, in the fact that , being an unique individual makes you gifted.

Written by: Jeff M. Brown, Founder and President & CEO, TeachingKidsBusiness.com