Editorial: Jobs for Kids

How Do You Teach Kids Business™ – Teaching Kids Business With Job Experiences

Work experience is becoming more difficult for kids to obtain. Remember grass-cutting and newspaper routes that were available a generation ago? The success of franchising in North America has created many small business success stories but sadly, have taken jobs from kids. The average household gets over 20 calls a year from home maintenance services and daily newspapers arrive early in the morning by car.

We need to re-examine how kids can obtain the relevant experience necessary to develop their interests and talents at an early age. We need to create pre-career opportunities for kids or work related experience for kids.

The evolution of the Internet has helped to level the playing field for kids. Kids can now be involved in business from the safety of their own homes. There are other safety issues that have surfaced, but they can at least be at home.

Kid’s aptitudes with computers and their ability to learn from tinkering around, have allowed them to do amazing things with computer technology. The Internet, if used wisely, has the potential of becoming an excellence means of job preparation, offering kids the chance to explore, earn relevant skills and gain valuable experience.

We should embrace this phenomenal opportunity and create Internet tools that will help occupy and develop kids with positive and lasting influences like business.

Written by: Jeff M. Brown, Founder and President & CEO , TeachingKidsBusiness.com