Editorial: Give Kids A Chance

Given recent issues in capital markets pertaining to lack of confidence in the oversight, corporate level Board responsibilities and senior management’s ethics – what if we were to clean the slate and start over – how would we proceed and who would we turn to?

What if we created a new marketplace and gave kids the opportunity to setup businesses, management policy and govern their own marketplace?

Business is clearly a game, a game that kids can play. Wouldn’t it be entertaining, enlightening and possibly embarrassing to see kids create a marketplace in which; stakeholders are involved in a meaningful way, consumer confidence is extraordinary, corruption does not exist, high growth is real, performance is real, profit is real, analysis is objective and business basics rule.

There aren’t many people who would initially turn to kids for help in business, but it looks like we have almost exhausted our trust in politicians, business executives, Boards, capital market governance officials and the countless experts!

Give kids a chance.

Written by: Jeff M. Brown, Founder and President & CEO, TeachingKidsBusiness.com