Editorial: Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand is one of the most recognizable businesses in North America, that generates revenues in many markets, creates many jobs and puts a whole new face on business.

We know these businesses exist, we know that they are run by eager and talented young professionals and most of us would stop and gladly patronize a lemonade stand.

Is this were the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principles of business came from? As many MBA and other business programs teach business case studies, whyhave they never considered such a simple and successful business case?

The people that develop these ventures are true entrepreneurs. They inspire us all and they make many people proud. They have a passion for what they are doing and they overcome many obstacles to make their ventures work. They are a success by their experiences alone and very refreshing to see in business.

We should all take lessons on business from these amazing business leaders who operate lemonade stands.

Written by: Jeff M. Brown, Founder and President & CEO, TeachingKidsBusiness.com