TeachingKidsBusiness.com Privacy Policy

The essence of this privacy policy is to ensure users that TeachingKidsBusiness.com is not providing these services for commercial gain and has no plans to sell any information to anyone regarding the users of this site.  We are also very concerned about protection of children and therefore have made it very clear to our users under 13, not to provide any personal identifiable information in any communication with us. Avoid the risk!

TeachingKidsBusiness.com recognizes that delivering a quality online experience, the privacy and safety of our users are at least as important as the content we provide them. TeachingKidsBusiness.com’s policy is to respect and protect the privacy of our users. This privacy policy explains how and when we collect information from kids & other users and what we do with that information. We are taking all of the reasonable steps to comply with “The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule”.

We have adapted the following information from other websites and are not really at the stage of development to capture detailed user information. Our focus is on the number of users that view our programming.  This allows us to focus our time on developing areas that are viewed by visitors to our site.

If and when people e-mail us, we would like to retain e-mail addresses only for the purpose of communicating update information regarding the website.  This is the only personally identifiable information that we capture. We will properly identify when, where and how this information is being captured, prior to asking for the information.  We will also ask for parental consent at that time, to ensure parents are aware that this information has been requested and that they are clear on how it is being used.

We do not sell, market, trade, share or intentionally make any personally identifying information, publicly available. We use every effort to keep the collection of information to a minimum.  Kids can use all of the features of our website, without giving us any personally identifiable information. The areas of our website that do ask the kids for information are optional and are explained below.

If we ever change any part of this policy in the future, TeachingKidsBusiness.com will notify a child’s parent to get his or her consent.  Parents have the right to consent to the collection and use of their child’s personal information without consenting to the disclosure of it.

What Information is Collected

At TeachingKidsBusiness.com, it is our policy to create website content that requires minimum collection of information from our visitors. The forms in our  do not require person information – for those that want information emailed they are required to input their email but this is not retained.  We would like kids to enjoy these tools without risk.  Information provided in  these forms may be reviewed on a random basis  internally to monitor the extend to which the forms are being used.  This review process if at all is very brief and the information is not retained beyond this process.   We do not  provide this information to any third parties.

The only personally identifiable information we obtain is an email address for communication purposes at registration of if the user joins our email list.  We would like to update kids on the development of the website.

Parental Access to Information

Parents have the right to review any personally identifiable information we have collected from their kids. They have the right to have this information deleted and to refuse any further collection of information from their child.  If you need to contact us with any questions pertaining to our handling of information, please see the contact us page. TeachingKidsBusiness.com takes steps to verify the identity of anyone requesting information about a child and to ensure that the person is in fact the child’s parent or legal guardian.


TeachingKidsBusiness.com has taken steps to ensure that the personally identifiable information collected is secure, including limited access of information.

Registration Process

If your child is a resident of the U.S. and is under 13 years of age, we are required to obtain  parental consent.

For the enjoyment of your kids, we also link to other sites that are commercial, educational, or just plain fun. We are not responsible for those other sites and we advise you to check their privacy policies as well.

IP Address and Cookies

For our internal purposes, we gather date, time, browser type and IP address of all visitors to our site. We keep this information for system administration and for our internal security audit log. We do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable.

Cookies are information files that your web browser places on your computer when you visit a website.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com is able to access only the cookies that it sets on your computer and we are only able to determine the type of computer operating system and browser that you and other visitors are using.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com collects this information in the aggregate, in order to improve access to our content based on our visitors’ browsers and operating system types, to make our content available to as many kids as possible.  We do not link the information collected through cookies to the personal information that kids submit online, when participating in our activities.  You can disable cookies on your computer by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your browser.

Log data collected on web servers used by TeachingKidsBusiness.com is aggregate information about the number of visits to different pages on our site.  We use this information only for improving our site.  We do not link the log data collected to the personal information that kids submit online when participating in our activities.

Important Legal Information

TeachingKidsBusiness.com does not guarantee safety, or that the relevant person is a child, parent or legal guardian.  TeachingKidsBusiness.com does not guarantee the actual identities claimed by its users.  Also, we do not guarantee that your kids will not voluntarily release personal information about themselves, you, their friends, acquaintances on our site, or on sites they visit, or link to from our site. It is very important that parents understand the features, uses and potential risks of using the TeachingKidsBusiness.com site. That is why we strongly advise all users to practice safe computing and urge parents to advise their kids not to give out any personally identifiable information, without their consent.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com makes no guarantees, warranties or representations, that you or your child will be absolutely safe or insulated, from inappropriate content or behavior and we do not guarantee, warrant, or represent that a child will not try to circumvent, or be successful in circumventing, the features on our site. Furthermore, TeachingKidsBusiness.com does not assume any obligations, liability, or responsibilities associated with such behavior, or associated with the obligations of parental supervision.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com reserves the right to change the information, features, games, products, policies, promotions, disclosures and disclaimers at any time. Changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on the TeachingKidsBusiness.com site. Please check these terms periodically for changes. At the top of the policy, we indicate the date of the last update. The continued use of the TeachingKidsBusiness.com website following the posting of changes to these terms, will mean you accept such changes.

Thank you for being concerned with kids’ privacy and safety issues and for taking the time to read this Privacy Policy. We hope that you and your kids enjoy the TeachingKidsBusiness.com site. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us – see or contact page.