Teaching Kids Business as a Social Cause

“Teaching kids business” is needed in society and is not commonly provided in schools or households. This is the key reason that this programming has been developed and evolved as a “social cause.”

A social cause identifies an issue or social problem and takes action to make a difference. Many people may not consider “teaching kids business” as a social problem. It is surprising that all of our social benefit systems (health, education, pension) are funded through the taxes of businesses and individuals. It would make sense to develop the foundation for social benefits in society. The foundation is business and kids are the future of business.

If we develop children with a foundation of life skills to succeed in business; society will benefit in many ways.

If we develop skills and provide experiences to prepare kids for business; we will develop a better foundation for our social systems. We operate as a social venture business in which we operate like a business to teach business. We are not a charity but rather an example of a responsible business doing good in society.

It is unfortunate that “teaching kids business” is a social cause. It is ironic that business is a social cause. This makes it much more important and a logical social cause to support.