Business Club for Kids

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Our business club idea has been created to help you get a business club together with other kids or adults and have some fun with business. This can be your first venture into business or for the kids who have tried a number of businesses.

What is a business club?

A business club is a group of people who get together to talk about business.Business clubs discuss developing a business, improving their own businesses, making investments in businesses or to just talk about business in general.

You probably haven’t heard of business clubs for kids as it isn’t as common as other youth club activities or sporting clubs. There are lots of kid’s clubs such as sports teams, music, scouts , guides, chess, crafts etc. The thought of a club for kids is not new, but the though of a kids business club, as we are proposing it, is quite new and different.We hope it is an exciting opportunity for you.

There are investment clubs for kids and some business educational clubs that have demonstrated that there is interest from kids in business.

Why a kid’s business club?

We think that a business club will be a good way to get kids involved in business, give kids valuable business experience and develop team skills which are essential in business.

As the website develops, we are trying to give kids business related experiences. Business experience is something that helps you understand your own skills, helps you better understand opportunities, gives you the self-confidence to succeed and creates interest in you. Business related experience can take many forms and it doesn’t have to be a regular job.

One of the most important things that any experience gives you is the skill of managing responsibility (responsible is – assuming duty). If you really think of it, work/business/career is about taking responsibility for something, which means, you are in charge. As you learn to take responsibility, you quickly find out that there are lots of things you need to learn to be able to do your responsibilities well.

If you are a goalie in the sport of soccer (European football) then you are responsible for keeping the ball out of the net. You learn how to stop the ball. If you want to be a great goalie, then you practice, work well as a team member, you develop skills and you play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses.The same holds true in business.

The Business Club idea has been developed to help you create a club and to try to create opportunities for you to take responsibility for something and gain some very valuable experience. The responsibilities come from starting the club, participating in the club, taking a specific responsibility in the club and developing and managing your business.