Business Preparation Program™

Welcome to our Business Preparation Program™ “BPP” which is an innovative business program for K-12 ages 5-17. This is a paid program available at our registration page.

This program can be related to a business certificate/degree/diploma such as a BBA, BCOM or MBA but more focused on skills and experiences to develop kids with skills and experiences for their futures in business or entrepreneurial ventures – giving kids a BPP.

More traditional business education programs focus on marketing, management, finance, accounting, IT and economics.

Primary school education focuses on language, math, history, science, geography, art, music and physical education.

We focus on the development of a foundation of skills and experiences to engage the student in observing and understanding business and entrepreneurship while developing skills and building confidence for their future in business.

Our goal is to enhance traditional education with skills and experiences which are not taught but are critical to the development of students.  The skills and experiences learned in our program enhance learning at school and daily life and are transferable to business.

We have taken the success of the social venture programming of and created a commercialization business model to provide a business program for students beginning at an early age. We have drawn on some of this programming, enhanced and customized additional programming for the BPP.

We offer Levels 1-7; Introduction to Business Learning, Skill Development, Experiences, Job Responsibilities, Entrepreneurship, Planning and Starting a Business, and Corporate Responsibility.

The BPP innovates with a variety of teaching techniques;

  • encouraging independent self taught strategies and group thinking to introduce and apply terms and business principles,
  • project based learning in which the student performs activities to develop and apply skills,
  • research based learning to encourage the student to find answers and further explore subject matter,
  • experience based learning to bring the learning to life and give relevance to it while further developing skills,
  • perspective learning to develop and draw on experiences,
  • video learning to bring materials to life,
  • rich text content to allow students to learn at their own pace,
  • unique technique of narrative discussion of topics to engage students and provide a sense of support

Our approach to learning has been developed by examining traditional teaching techniques, business training techniques, business principles, logic & operations, sports development programming, parenting strategies, and entrepreneurial innovation.

All skills and experiences learned and developed though our program can be used as daily life skills to improve performance in school, to improve as a consumer/customer and prepare for business.

A number of courses/classes/lessons/activities are from the social venture of resources to give kids free access to elements of this program. Registered students of the program get access to all courses.