The Business Preparation Program™ has been developed and administered by TeachingKidsBusiness.com, which is the leader in programming and committment to introducing, preparing and launching kids into business at an early age.

TeachingKidsBusiness.com has been developing business curriculum since 2000 and has provided online resources to several million users internationally.

Our business preparation programming is not only related to running a business, but more importantly develops skills and valuable experiences for all people who will work in a business or be an entrepreneur. The skills and experiences developed in this program will enhance daily life of students.

Our Business Preparation Program™ is very committed to preparing our future business leaders. We believe our programming will teach kids in new ways to; think, gain perspective and to work with others.

Students will learn to understand the skills they currently have and skills required to do what they want to do in their working lives.

The idea of providing a business diploma/certificate at an early age, will engage students in new ways and develop self-confidence. At this point we encourage parents and/or teachers to issue a certificate on completion of our program.