Business Preparation Program™ Level: 1 Introduction

Business Preparation Program™ Level 1 Introduction: is a great starting point to business preparation to understand some of the resources available to you and how to approach the learning  of skills and experiences. It is often more effective learning when you have a reason to learn and understand how you are being taught and why. For example; once you realize the concept of skills is very broad, how many skills you already have and use, and  that you should be interested in investing in yourself with the  goal of developing skills – you will learn skills much easier and find ways to enjoy learning them.

BPP-01-01-01-001 Résumé

An excellent way to start learning about business is to examine yourself and learn to set goals to develop yourself.

BPP-01-01-01-002 Introduction for Kids

Learning about business must start with some basic questions such as why and how. We want kids to understand the process they are about to undertake.

BPP-01-02-01-003 What Adults Can Learn from Kids

We want to empower kids to not be intimidated by business and recognize that kids know about business and adults can actually learn from kids.

BPP-01-01-01-004  Invest in Yourself

Learning about business is an investment of time and money but what better investment could you make then yourself.

BPP-01-01-01-005 Instead of TV

There are only 24 hours in a day and lives are busy but we need to examine how we spend our time to find time for important things.

BPP-01-01-01-006 Introduction to Skill Development

An important part of preparing for business is developing skills. Once students realize the many skills they have and need; the journey will begin to focus on skill development through life.

BPP-01-01-01-007 Introduction to Experiences

Experience is critical to learning about business. Skill development through experiences is an effective way learn.

BPP-01-01-01-008 Business Terminology

Business has its own language which is basically a number of terms. We introduce students to these terms and encourage them to further research and explore business.

BPP-01-01-01-009 Guess My Product Game™(Paid BBP users only)

Games are good learning programming. This game helps kids role play in business experiences.

BPP-01-01-01-010 Business Basics

This a great introduction to business by addressing basic principles of business. This will give a good introduction to what businesses do to succeed.

BPP-01-01-01-011 Kids Guide to Business  (e-book is available to paid registered users)

This book provides an excellent introduction to business by using the business case of the lemonade stand.