Introduction To Learning From Experiences

An important way to develop skills and prepare for business is through experiences. The BPP experience courses help kids develop skills through experiences by; taking on responsibility, doing activities/jobs, applying/developing skills, learning from experiences and reading about experiences of others.

As a kid, it is difficult to gain experience for a lot of reasons. We feel that gaining experience is a key to your success, no matter what you choose to do in life. Experiences help develop life skills and help prepare you for greater responsibilities in your daily life and eventually for jobs and a career in business or as an entrepreneur.

There are many ways to obtain experience;

  • activities,
  • practice and training,
  • paid job experiences,
  • non-paid job experiences (jobs at home and a student in school),
  • observing people doing activities such as jobs,
  • learning from research,
  • learning from others,
  • learning from observing businesses,
  • reading about experiences such as business.

Everything you do in life develops experience. The more you do something,the more confidence you develop and the easier it gets.  The more you do something, the more skill you develop so skill development and experience are very connected.

In business, it is often the people with more experience who obtain jobs over people without experience. Companies will examine a job candidate based on several key factors; skills, experience and the type of person you are to determine if you are right for the job and a good fit with the company.


  1. List a number of experiences you have had in your life.
  2. Think of how these experiences have taught you skills and helped develop you.
  3. Think of experiences you think will help you develop for business.