Community Involvement: Kids

We have developed the website for you and we are trying to give you lots of chances to get involved and make it the best we can.We recognize that kids know kids better then anyone, so by working together, kids and business will surely do some great things. is focused on helping to develop kid’s life skills & business skills, careers and business opportunities.Basically, we want to help start you into business, now.

Your input on what we do and how we do it, is key. We would like you to create ideas, develop the website, solve problems, create opportunities and in general, work with us to make the site better.

We know you can do amazing things if you are just given the chance, the tools and support to do it.

This is your domain, so be creative on how you can get involved; have some fun, learn, get experience and start to understand choices you might be interested in, when you start working.


  • Talk to other kids about the website. By telling kids that a resource like this is available to them, you are helping them.
  • website development through our Jobs-For-Kids Program.
  • Content suggestions and development through contact us
  • Check out our Youth Empowerment section and help us involve kids in meaningful ways.
  • Check out the “Resource Center” and help develop tools.
  • Explore the “Business Encounters” and get involved in developing your business experience.
  • Participate in our “Kids Community Service Program
  • Participate in our “Business Case Studies” program. Create a Business Case that profiles a business for your learning experience and one that we can share with others on the website.
  • Check out the “Career Experience” and gain some good experience to help you build your resume.
  • Get parents, grandparents, friends involved in developing content and sharing the site with friends and kids.
  • Contact a golf course and tell them you would like to caddie to learn about the game of golf and talk to people about business. Check out our Caddie Program. We need to take safety precautions here, so make sure you learn the Caddie Training Manual
  • Sit back with a pad of paper or a computer document and brainstorm on ideas about what and how you would like to learn about business.

    Check out “What’s Your Thing” to help determine your interest and abilities.

  • Give songwriting a try and help us partner with music that helps kids.
  • Start up a business club to start to understand about business and gain some valuable experience.
  • Participate in our writing club. Explore business and share your experiences with other kids.