TeachingKidsBusiness.com Fact Sheet


  • TeachingKidsBusiness.com is a social venture offering free programming to kids, teachers, youth service groups and families,
  • Operates as a website initiative developing, maintaining and distributing business programming for kids,
  • Resource for kids, opportunity to explore business and gain valuable experience.
  • Empowerment tool for kids to approach business,
  • Mentor to encourage and expose kids to business,
  • A to Z steps for kids to explore business and go from basic concepts, skill development and business experiences.


  • Founded byĀ  Jeff M. Brown ,C.M.A., B.A.,. Learn about Jeff’s background and read his references,
  • Read Jeff’s e-Mentoring profile as a social entrepreneur,
  • Read Jeff’s e-Mentoring profile as a Certified Management Accountant
  • Influenced by a broad base of business experiences – automotive, packaged goods, movie exhibition, consumer electronics distribution, marketing agency, real estate development, internet publishing, I.P.O. experience, business start-up consultant and author,
  • Influenced by the professional training of the management accounting profession, CMA, university education, BA and ongoing professional development,
  • Inspired by experiences in developing business partnerships in the public education system,
  • Motivated as a very involved father of two with over 15 years of “parent as teacher” experience,
  • Supported by many generous people and resources who have provided encouragement, ideas, content and advice.


  • Founder based in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto)
  • website development associate based in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Our “Contact Us” discusses our internet based location strategy.


  • Evolved from years of listening to concerned parents and appreciating the potential of kids,
  • Launched October 23, 2000,
  • A number of tools and programs released since our launch are identified in press releases and inĀ  our “Resource Center” and “Business Encounters“,
  • Ongoing development as we identify opportunities for programming for kids.


  • need for quality internet content,
  • identified need forĀ  teaching business skills and career preparation for kids at an early age,
  • provide kids with confidence and experience in the area of business and careers,
  • create opportunities for kids,
  • global internet business partnership with education – effective and efficient use of people and company resources,
  • education enhancement programming,
  • e-training is growing popularity in corporate training and can be an excellent enhancement in children’s’ education,
  • provide programming that encourages quality family time,
  • social venture community enhancement initiative for kids and participants,
  • >America’s Promise and Ontario’s PromiseĀ  contribution to youth programming,
  • Help prepare kids and launch kids into business at an early age (8 and up),
  • encourage parents/adults to participate with kids on the internet and in business discussions,
  • provide an activity that reaches through generation gaps,
  • Safe, positive influence,Ā  relevant and impactful.


  • The website has been developed to provide information to engage and inspire kids to develop business skills, discover their talents, explore career choices and prepare for business and careers,
  • The website uses an interactive approach which provides concepts, relevant examples & context and reinforcing activities. Programs are developed to encourage more awareness, interaction and reach.
  • The activities are developed for a range of ages (9-14), with the plan of referring back to the concepts for continuous development,
  • The website is based on current and progressive training techniques used in businesses, innovative & original programming and creative ideas to engage kids and communities to participate in this initiative.
  • The website is a grass-roots approach that acts as a platform for partnerships to develop and deliver programming. All aspects are in development and will continue to evolve based on participation.
  • Resource center offers “tools” to develop business skills. We recognize that basic skills are needed as the foundation inĀ  preparing for a career.
  • Business Encounters provides business related “experience” for kids. We recognize that business/work experience is hard for kids to obtain therefore, we have developed programs to help.
  • Community Involvement provides an opportunity for community members to participate in this initiative. A number of groups have been identified with ideas on how to get involved.Ā  Research has always shown that education is enhanced when parents and communities are involved,
  • Info Center provides the necessary background information,
  • Youth Empowerment to empower kids to participate in the development and direction of the Company. Participation by kids will make the programming relevant, interesting and develop self-confidence for kids.

Targeted Use:

  • Kids are the ultimate target/beneficiary of the website.Ā Kids benefit from the website content, participation in the activities andĀ  development of the content. All programming is related to teaching kids business,
  • Our program strategy is to create programs that engage participation of community groups through mutually beneficial activities that further develop our resources for kids. For example our unique and innovative Caddie Program targets the golf industry stakeholders to use Caddie opportunities to help develop kids, our Youth Service Groups Program creates partnerships to provides quality programming for youths, our “Community Involvement” section invites community groups to participate in content development and programming distribution. Example; Seniors share advice to kids, business people are targeted to participate as e-Mentors to provide career profiles and advice to kids etc.,
  • The programs are developed to benefit the participants (enhance their goals, personal satisfaction, community enhancement) and ultimately benefit kids,
  • The website can be enjoyed by kids individually, enhanced by the participation of an adult and activities can be enjoyed with a group. (many adults are enjoying it on their own).