KODIP Choosing A Bike

1) Business Name: Info Plus

2) Product Name: Choosing a bike

3) Category: Sports

4) Age Group selling to: From age 8 to age 16

5) Boy or Girl preferred: Both

6) Advertising: There are many different bikes for many different purposes: doing tricks, riding for comfort, rough terrain, street riding. Find out about the different types of bikes and learn which one may be right for you. ****ALSO, MONEY SAVING TIPS ***

7) Price: Free

8) Word Count: 300+

9) Description: (See Below)

Choosing a Bike

Beach Cruisers* Beach cruisers are made for comfort. They have a thick padded seat and the rider sits in an upright position. They usually have one gear. They have a fairly thick tire with a good amount of tread. Beach cruisers are ideal for riding at a relaxed pace and enjoying the scenery.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are easy to peddle on paved roads. They have big wheels so there is less peddling per tire rotation. There is barely any tread on the tires so it would not be a good bike for offroading. Road bikes have lots of gears and are very lightweight they are ridden for speed and long bike tours

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are heavy and stronger than a road bike. Because of their weight ,they don’t have the speed of a road bike. They are made for rugged terrain and bumpy trails. They can be ridden on the street also but not to go
real fast. Mountain bikes have fat tires, heavy duty tread, a sturdy frame. a wide seat and 21 or 24 speeds.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. They are lightweight and have fairly large tires and a nice amount of gears. They have no ultra low gears because you are not supposed to ride on very rough terrain. These bikes are made for rough bike paths and for light off road riding.

BMX Bikes

Bmx bikes are designed for fun. They are not efficient to use for transportation. They are made for dirt roads, jumps, stunts and racing. They have 1 speed and can go very fast but it’s hard to go up hill with them. They are strong bikes made to handle abuse. The bmx jump/dirt bikes have an extra heavy duty frame for big air jumps, ramps, and dirt jumping.

The freestyle bmx bikes have pegs on the front and back wheels, and rotors that allow the handle bars to spin all the way around without tangling the brake cables. These bikes are great for stunts, spins, hops and flat land.

Bmx racers are built to go fast on dirty, muddy, jump filled bmx race courses.

I have some tips on saving money when buying a bike.

  1. Try looking for a discontinued bike.
  2. Sometimes in the back of the store you can find bikes that have small scratches or paint chips. They will offer you a great discount on these bikes.
  3. Look in your local paper to see if someone is selling a bike. You can get very good deals.
  4. Your local bike dealer may also sell some used bikes. They may even offer a warranty on it, or some free maintenance service.