Get Experience

1) Business Name: Get Experience

2) Product Name: Experience

3) Category: Experience

4) Age Group selling to: 9-14

5) Boy or Girl preferred: Both

6) Advertising: What’s all the fuss about gaining experience. I think I know the answer.

7) Price: 0.00

8) Word Count:

9) Description: (See Below)

I was exploring the website when I realized why I want to try and get some work experience. I always though people worked for money and I never really thought how people got jobs or chose the jobs they did.

Work experience or “business encounters” is like practicing soccer or any other sport or hobby you like. You have to start somewhere and over time you will get better or lose interest and do something else. Practice is not the most popular thing for kids but if you think of it as a way to get what you want, then it will probably make sense to you.

I have practiced things I want to improve. I have also made mistakes during practice that I learned from and which have helped me do things better when it is important to me.

I now realize that as I practice work or get work experience, that I am learning to work better and figuring out what I like to work at and what I don’t like. I am also figuring out what I am good at and what I am not good at. I now realize the more work experience you have the better you will be and the better work choices you will make.

Since I have figured out the need for practice or experience, I have rewritten my resume. I now know that the things I have on my resume are really just my work practice time. Like needing to practice left kicks in soccer to improve my game, I am planning to practice some skills to help me get jobs in the future. I can list a number of skills that I work on to become a good soccer player. I am now listing skills I need for work.

Now that I have a plan for experience, I have a good feeling that I will figure out what I want to do and that I will also figure out what skills I will need to practice to get it.