KODIP Fashion Design

1) Business Name: Fashion Design

2) Product Name: Tips on Clothing Creations

3) Category: Clothing

4) Age Group selling to: 11-17

5) Boy or Girl preferred: Girl

6) Advertising: Have you ever walked into a good, expensive store and though to yourself, hey, I can make that for myself I just need some supplies. Why pay fifty dollars on something you can make for five? If you have thought that and wanted to try it but don’t know where to start, here are some tips on making a design, check to see if it is original, and making it from start to finish. There is no end to what you can do once you know how.

7) Price: $15.50

8) Word Count: 614

9) Description: (See Below)

If you want to be original and save money doing it, don’t go out to stores to buy outfits create them! Go to a mall and look around stores to get ideas. Make sure you have a pad of paper and pencil so you can sketch. Walk around to lots of places and combine ideas. Make sure you are not copying anything exactly. Then find an open work area. Get some old clothes that you can cut and not worry about if you mess up. A pair of scissors will be used to actually make the clothing. Lay the clothing out. First start at the neckline if it is a shirt. Lower it if necessary, but not by too much. You should be trying on the shirt after each step to make sure everything is in place. Then keep moving downward to the sleeves. If it will be a sleeveless shirt, start by tracing the seam with the scissors. Then do the rest of the sleeves. Try not to go any lower than the bottom of the old sleeve unless that is part of the design. If it is not a sleeveless shirt, try it on first then mark with a marker where it should be cut on both sides, then take it off and cut. Then work on the bottom of the shirt. If you are making a belly shirt, go through the same marking process explained above to make sure you are not cutting to high. If you want to make the bottom longer than it already is, get an unused or cleaned rag and cut it to the length you want added to the bottom of the front of the shirt, and also keep another half inch of fabric to the top. Do the same for what you want added to the back . Then get a sewing machine and line up the extra half inch with the bottom of the shirt. The piece that will be added should be lying on the shirt. Put the back of the shirt under the machine so the thread doesn’t attach the two layers of the shirt to each other. Slowly sew down a line about a half-inch way from the end of the shirt. Flip the shirt over and do the same to the back. Then turn the shirt inside out and sew where the front added piece and the back added piece meet. Then turn the shirt right side out again. This all can be done !

Sewing by hand; too, it just takes much longer. Then you decorate the shirt with whatever you want. You can rhinestone it, paint it (use fabric paint or the shirt will become stiff) you can do whatever you want to it. Let it dry if you use glue or paint, and Tada! You have your own, homemade shirt. You may have to wash iy once or twice to break it in and set dye if you used it. If you are making pants, find a pair that is pretty plain. Start with the hip. You can lower it using scissors, but not by much, the pants you are redesigning probably already have a good hip cut. Skip this step if the pants have a button and zipper. Then work on the bottom. You can make them longer in the same process described above, or you can make it shorter or crooked by cutting them. Then you can design them using glitter, dye, and anything. And now you have your pants. Again, you may need to wash it to set it. For shirts and pants, use the washing instructions labeled on the original article of clothing.

Good Luck!