KODIP Lemonade Stand

1) Business Name: Lemonade Stand Consulting Enterprise

2) Product Name: Lemonade Stand Consulting Introduction

3) Category: Business self-help

4) Age Group selling to: 6-13

5) Boy or Girl preferred: Both

6) Advertising: Lemonade stand – a great business for kids to try!

7) Price: 0.00

8) Word Count: 149

9) Description: (See Below)

The lemonade stand is a business idea that many kids have tried. It is probably the #1 kid’s business in the world. After reviewing the Lemonade Stand Program in TeachingKidsBusiness.com, I realized that there can be so much more to making and serving lemonade.

I thought I would become a consultant on lemonade stands. First, I had to figure-out how to become a consultant. There were many opinions from the people I talked to; from consultants are people that think they know everything about something to people that know a lot about a specific topic or people who say a lot about a topic and pretend to know about it.

I decided that I would be a lemonade stand consultant who knows how to run a stand and who can help other kids set-up lemonade stands.

I also heard that consultants are very expensive to hire, but as a kid consultant, I can provide advice for a lot less.

Stay tuned because I am going to prepare information to help you with a lemonade stand. I am developing a guide or the ABCs of the lemonade stand business.