KODIP Music Lover

1) Business Name: Music Lover

2) Product Name: Music Rocks

3) Category: Music

4) Age Group selling to: 9-14

5) Boy or Girl preferred: both

6) Advertising: Music rocks. There is so much to get out of music.

7) Price: 0.00

8) Word Count:

9) Description: (See Below)

I love music. When I took some time and tried to list the reasons that I and others like music, I realized that there was more to music than I normally thought of. Here are a number of categories that I came up with.

Enjoyment. It is just fun and entertaining to listen to music. I often just hang out in my room and listen to music.

Move to the music. I found that I like to dance around to music, work out, run and bicycle to music. Music seems to give me the energy to do a lot of things.

Need to be current. We all like to be current with fashion, TV, movies and music. It seems to be important to some people if you know about a certain song or group. All that aside, I like to listen to the music that I enjoy and if my friends like it too, that’s a bonus.

Message from the music. I find music a little bit like reading a book in that there is a story being told. I not only listen to the words but I give a little thought to what they are saying. I have also found that the message is not always that great and it is not something I would want to do.

Helps my memory. Memorizing songs sure beats memory work at school. I am surprised at how many songs I can learn. I guess it has to do with being able to learn things that I like to learn about.

I will pass on a little advice to you that I have got many times! It is great to listen to music for a lot of different reasons but you don’t have to live the lyrics to enjoy the music. The message in the music many not be good but it may sound good. Don’t mistake “sounds good” and it is “something good to do”.

The other thing I have been told hundreds of times is that musicians often dress up, perform and act up in public in a way to get noticed. It doesn’t mean you have to do the same. It is ok to be yourself and not try and look like or be like a famous musician.