KODIP Toy Design

1) Business Name: Designer

2) Product Name: Toy Design

3) Category: Toys

4) Age Group selling to: 9-14

5) Boy or Girl preferred: Both

6) Advertising: If you don’t follow the instructions, you can create some really cool inventions.

7) Price: 0.00

8) Word Count: 120+

9) Description: (See Below)

I have played with Lego for a number of years and completed a lot of sets. I have many of them on display in my room. Lately I found that I like to create my own designs. I sometimes change a set or combine pieces from several sets to create something new. If a piece was missing, I would take one from another set and build off of that. I haven’t really called them anything but they are a real mix.

I found that the instructions were great at first but I found it more interesting to see what I could come up with on my own. I surprised myself at first on how well I design stuff. I guess it helps if you have an imagination and don’t mind experimenting a lot.

My Dad is really excited about this because he says it is great to” think outside of the box.” I think he means “think outside of the instructions, using what is in the box.” Either way, I get what he means and now see how it applies to many other things.

I don’t know if this means that I will be a designer someday. I guess it will help me understand if I like to design and if I am good at it.