KODIP Travel Tips

1) Business Name: Travel Tips

2) Product Name: Virtual Travel

3) Category: Travel

4) Age Group selling to: From age 8 to age 18

5) Boy or Girl preferred: Both

6) Advertising: A great way to travel is through the internet.

7) Price: Free

8) Word Count: 120+

9) Description: (See Below)

You may not be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel much, but hopefully you can do some virtual travel on the internet.

By doing a little internet surfing on different cities and countries, you can learn and have some fun fromyour travel surfing.

You will be amazed at how you will enjoy your travel and learn along the way. There is lots to see around the world. You will find yourself saying “Did you know…” to your friends, family and teachers.

You may even start a trend in your own community from something you saw in another area. You may find a business idea.

You may even plan your dream trip. Some day you may have the opportunity to actually travel and you will enjoy it so much more. You will know where to go and what to see when you travel.

Another way to find out more about other areas is to try and connect with a pen pal or an e-mail pal.