Introductions help kids, parents and teachers better understand our site to create a successful learning environment.

Our content is very unique in dealing with early business preparation education and written in a way which is not focused on age specific courses but rather teaching concepts/skills/experiences that can be understood by all ages. Each age group will benefit at different levels of development based on the interest level, skills level, maturity, and experience. Our interpretation of kids includes, children, youth, teens and young adults – which all haveĀ  the ability to learn about business.

Our site can be used by anyone interested in developing skills for daily life, school and business.

Teaching kids business is our main goal which can be accomplished by kids exploring our content on their own or with the assistance of a parent, grandparent, teacher, sibling, friend or someone interested in assisting kids in learning.

We thought it would be helpful to provide some thinking on how to approach the teaching of business to kids for our main users of kids, parents, and teachers. Please take some time to review the introduction which applies to you – and the others to give you greater perspective.