Kids Introduction

Hi. The kids introduction is a way of having a conversation with you to welcome you to our site and help you understand what we are trying to do to help you develop skills, have positive experiences, prepare for independence by helping you invest in yourself now toĀ  prepare for business in your future.

Throughout our site there is lots of reading which is our way of talking to you, taking the time to discuss this information with you and help you develop in new ways. We want to challenge you in new ways and help you learn material that is relevant to your success as a student, in daily life , in business and as an entrepreneur.

It is helpful to understand what we are trying to do an why we have taken this unique approach to get the most from our business preparation program site.

Our approach to business is to help you start thinking about your future and prepare for business some day or be an entrepreneur. Business will be in your future – you will have a job, buy things and possibly make and sell things.

Even if you don’t think business could be fun, talk to friends and family about it. You will be surprised how interesting it is. Business is as interesting as your future and as interesting as you want to make it.

At first, you are probably wondering how boring can business be. While it may not appear to be as exciting as an action video game or a big sports event.Businesses actually make the things you enjoy doing so start learning about those businesses.Ā  Business is something that you can make as exciting as you want.

You will find it more challenging and rewarding then other games you may play. Business is really a game. Once you develop the skills for business, learn the rules and learn to play the game, you are on your way to winning. Winning usually means makingĀ  money, growing the business and being able to give back to your community.

As you think of business, think about preparing for your future. Your future is something that should excite you, attract your interest and get you thinking. Once you start thinking about your future, you will begin to take steps to prepare yourself.

We did a little research on what fun means and it is our understanding that fun is satisfying emotional needs. This means, if you have needs such as challenge, respect, control, power, accomplishment, knowledge, humor, participation, safety, pride, acceptance, succeed, mastering, status, image, nurturing, money and much more – then you will have fun in our website and with business.

We have tried to give you lots of activities/tools and experience opportunities to explore business, and make it a good experience. Like any new experience, if you are given the right tools, encouragement and opportunities you will do just fine.

I apologize in advance for all of the content or reading that you will be faced with throughout our site, but I would rather give you quality stuff rather then brief and flashy junk that you are use to and that entertains you but does not help you learn. I think you expect more and are ready for a new challenge and experiences. This site is more about helping you then entertaining you and respecting that you are capable to learn whatever is put in front of you. Our site respect that kids/children/teens/youth are ready to learn about business and view serious business preparation content.

Business is everything from what your parents do to earn money, what the stores are doing where you buy things and what all people do to earn money to live on.

Business is about people earning money to have the things they need (food, house, car, clothes) and to have the things they want or to do the things they want to do (sports, entertainment, travel, etc.).

BusinessĀ  traditionally is what people do after they finish going to school. School helps you prepare with some of the basic skills you will need to do business but there is so much more to learn to be properly prepared.

Business includes terms like working, career, job, occupation, stores, factories, restaurants, and almost everything you are involved in outside of your family and school.

Business is what you most likely will be doing in the future. You will be working in a business or developing a business as an entrepreneur.

Kids have told me that learning needs to be fun.Ā I realized that fun is always important and is something you want to have with everything you do. Business can be fun but unfortunately it is not always fun, which also holds true for school, sports, music or games.

I think as kids become more involved in business, that business will learn from kids. Businesses will learn how to do things and have fun at the same time, while kids will learn that fun is only one of the many rewards of business.

Ā You may think that business is not something you want to spend your time on. It probably won’t be as fun as video games, internet surfing, texting, talking on the telephone or watching TV. We need to start offering kids more of what is good for them rather then what they want. It is kind of like junk food. Kids love junk food but it is not the right choice and can lead to lots of health problems such as obesity.

You may think that business is not the greatest thing to spend your time on, but it is really about spending some time on your future – investing time in yourself! Yes, at some point in the future you will spend more and more of your time involved in business (working/career). Our thinking is that you should spend a little time each year preparing yourself for business so that you give yourself the best possible chance for what you want to do and that you give a lot of thought to how you want to spend all that time in business.

You are basically a kid for about 20 years and work for 40 to 45 years (working years). So, you can have lots of fun and spend your time on many things that may not help you get the most out of your working years. We are not talking about dropping your favorite sport and spending all that time on business. We just suggest that you start thinking about business, asking questions, observing what people do and try and understand what you would like to do and what you may be good at doing.

If kids took some of the time, for example, 1 hour a week, that they spend surfing the internet, chat rooms, texting, talking on the phone, watching TV., hanging out somewhere, getting in trouble etc. and use it to dream about the future and prepare for the future – kids would be better off and our communities would be better off in the short term and long term.

The approach we would like you to take in is a little like preparing for a pro athlete career. Kids dream about playing in the pro leagues, they watch and learn about the sport, they practice when they have some time and they play in leagues and pick-up games to improve. Parents also spend a lot of time and money on travel, equipment, lessons, coaching etc.

What if you spend a little time on preparing yourself for business, but in a similar way to sports. Don’t you think it would help you make the “pro leagues of business” or do really well!!! Just try and manage business preparation the way you are managed in sports or the way many of your friends are managed in activities they do.

The site is designed to allow you to explore resources to see what interests you. The “Skills Development Activities/Tools” has a range of skills and the “Business Experience Experience Programsā„¢ provides interesting opportunities. We have also created a more structured approach to guide you in our “Business Preparation Programā„¢” BPP. This also allow you to work towards a BPP certificate of accomplishment – a business degree/dipoma.

Ther are hundreds of pages of free content to ensure everyong can start the journey of preparing for business and entrepreneurship. We have items for purchase such as our books, user registrtion for additional resources and additional BPP courses.

I hope you have a great experience and that you do well in whatever you choose in your future.

Just remember – you get out what you put into things. (If you work hard at something and therefore put a lot into it, you will get a lot out of it – rewards, experience, satisfaction).

Remember, learning about business is about preparing for your future. Invest time in yourself while you explore business and enjoy our site.

Invest time in yourself while you explore business and enjoy our site.

Please take a look at our Invest In Yourselfā„¢ Kids Program.

I look forward to hearing about your business successes.


Jeff M. Brown