What Adults Can Learn from Kids

An interesting fact is that adults can learn from kids. Kids are not only more experienced in many situations but also take more time to understand things that are important and of interest to them. Adults are often busy and do not have the time or take the time to have as much knowledge or experience in activities kids are focused on. Kids often have better skills with technology, computers, cell phone settings, games, apps and finding answers online to name a few examples of  situations where adults could learn from kids.

It is true that adults have more experience to help them learn skills and knowledge which are often shared with kids. Adults are often in the position of authority to teach and kids are expected to respect and learn from adults.

Adults make mistakes and hopefully have learned from their mistakes which is important for kids to respect and learn from. Through the years of experience adults often forget to look at situations with fresh thinking. Adults can learn to look at situations as kids do – without clutter or traditional views. Kids are often more inquisitive and question why things are done the way they are. Adults often accept things because that is the way it has been. Adults can learn to look at things differently with fresh thinking and new ideas on how things should be instead of how things are done.

There is an excellent Ted Talk video by a child named Ador Svitak who makes a very interesting case on “what adults can learn from kids. To view the video you will be leaving the TeachingKidsBusiness.com site.

Please view the TED  Talk video “What adults can learn from kids“by Ador Svitak .