How Was Your Day?

How Do You Teach Kids Business? Teaching Kids Business With “How Was Your Day.”

Have you ever responded to the question “How was your day?” with a “not bad” or “ok” or “terrible” or ” I don’t want to talk about it.” Have you asked your child the same question and got a very vague answer like ” ok”. Have you ever got the answer of “stuff” when you ask your child “what they did at school today?” As a child, did you ever give the same type of response?

From our own personal experiences we can confidently say there is room for improvement on the “How was your day?” routine. We could actually use it as an opportunity to connect with one another, share a little guidance, get a little more involved in what is happening in their lives. We could find out what is important to them and use the discussion as an opportunity to lead into other conversations.

You may want to consider some “take it to the next level” ideas:

  • A great starting point is to assume the role of listener, so that the child recognizes you are listening and interested in what they have to say. Nod your head and make some acknowledging sounds like – “really”, “that’s neat” or maybe even a “wow” or “cool” or whatever the current term is.
  • Do not be so quick to pass judgment because that is probably the quickest way to end the conversation.
  • When you get the very vague answer like stuff, try and ask what kind of stuff and have a little fun with it. Your child will learn to explain a situation and develop an opinion.
  • Try and relate what they have to say to your world, your day or even a similar experience you had as a kid. This will help them form a perspective on the world around them and most importantly, to put things in perspective.
  • Throughout your conversations, try and find some positive points. Try and relate the conversation to their future and possibly how it is handled in business. In the case of a problem, help them arrive at a solution or provide advice on how things could be handled.
  • Use a small part of this time to talk about something you saw today, that will help them form a perspective on their surroundings. Talk about how well you were served at lunch, an interesting fashion, or an advertisement that caught your eye. Try and think in terms of business through the eyes of a child or in a way that they can connect.

There are many interesting things to talk about when you are asked, “How was your day?” and it can be a launching pad for lots of other good things to talk about. It may be hard to get started, therefore be creative and patient.