Road to Independence of Children

The website helps parents along the road to independence for their children. We provided strategies in our books and online resources to help parents develop independent children; helping prepare them for a successful future.

An important goal of parenting is the successful independence of your children. This is a difficult balance for many parents as you feel doing as much as possible for your children is sending a message about your love for them. Unfortunately, the more we do for our children the less independent they become. It is difficult for parents to ask and expect their children to assume responsibility for activities parents often take on.

We have addressed many strategies for parenting in our book; Strategies for Parenting; The Road to Independence. There are many simple and effective strategies to help give you perspective on teaching your child and sometimes making the difficult decisions to allow them to be more independent.

Our website resources helps develop independent children by helping them develop skills and experiences to build confidence in preparing for their futures.