Teacher Introduction

The TeachingKidsBusines.com Teacher Introduction discusses what we are trying to do and welcome teachers to explore our site and use our resources to enhance the education of your students. There are hundreds of pages of lessons/classes/courses on this site for free. We have developed innovative business curriculum with the strategy to develop a foundation of life skills and positive experiences for child development. Some of the activities/courses are very short and easily read by students with the intent of invoking new thinking, awareness and relevance of what and why the are learning.  Our programming is not age or grade specific as it has been written to teach basic concepts to all ages with the level of application of the concepts a function of the students interest, maturity and experience.  Our goal is to help prepare kids for business and entrepreneurship. We believe entrepreneurs are business people who require skills and experiences to succeed – which is the core of our content offering. Our strategy has evolved as a social cause and social venture to teach kids business. We are now offering a social cause commercial program called Business Preparation Program™ which is more of a structed program of classes/curriculum. Many of the  initial levels of the program are TeachingKidsBusiness.com resources. The goal of this program is to offer a business preparation certificate/diploma/degree to children/teens/youth.

Our Résumé Program is a great starting point to have students examine themselves with a framework and guidelines to begin to understand and appreciate the skills, experiences and interests they currently have. We then introduce the thinking to work at improving the components of their resume/CV, setting goals and building confidence in the preparation for their futures.

Thank you for visiting our site showing and an interest in teaching kids about business.

We recognize teachers are looking for teaching aids to enhance lessons and engage kids in interesting activities. Please enjoy our site, share it with your students and your colleagues. We do not have sponsorship or advertising on our site and we do not collect personal information or sell any type of contact information on visitors to our site.  We offer a registration to access additional resources. We appreciate your interest in our programming and your comments.

  • We have created many business preparation programs to provide you with resources for your classes. Many of the resources are free and developed to be shared with kids k-12.The concepts can be related to various ages groups as kids will interpret and work with concepts at different levels.
  • Although our website pages are are copyright protected, we grant teachers the approval to copy materials and use them in a class setting. Our materials are not intended for resale.
  • The goal of our resources is to help kids prepare for their business futures which includes careers in a business and entrepreneurial careers.
  • Hopefully you can integrate some of this programming in your class or encourage kids and parents to spend some time on this subject matter at home.
  • We do not allow advertising on our site and we do not collect personal contact information on kids.
  • The commercial components of this site are only products we develop as educational business preparation programming and sell to fund the development of our programming and the operation of the site.


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