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Welcome teachers.

Thank you for your interest in business and entrepreneurship curriculum for k-12.

We have redesigned our site to add content, change the navigation (search option will help you find things) and introduced our Business Preparation Program™ to provide more of a structured use of our resources.

Résumé Program

An excellent starting point to our programming. The form has been updated and improved with the ability for it to be emailed for future use. Our goal is to have every student prepare a resume and set goals to improve it regularly.


Two key areas;

Skill Development

Business Experiences Programs

Business Preparation Program™  – is a structure program with a series of courses by levels. Students will obtain a business certificate/diploma BPP on completing all courses. Many of the courses are free with some paid courses. We are developing a strategy to engage cities/states/countries to support the business certification of students at all ages.

Our programming helps students provide skills to succeed as students, in daily life and in preparing for business. The skills can be taught as curriculum enhancement.

We are looking at ways to address the privacy issues of students. The registration could be done with a school email or teacher email address. The Resume Program can also be done with a school email or teacher email. We do not collect email address for third party promotions.

k-12 teachers are granted permission to print our content and use it in a class setting but not for resale use.


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