Kids Community Service Program

We are developing the “ Kid’s Community Service Program” to provide kids with ideas and opportunities to participate in community service initiatives developed by .

The plan is to have the time spent on these initiatives to go towards your community service requirements in your school or just do it to play an active role in your community.

If you aren’t required to participate in community services you can still work with us and have a great experience and improve your community.

You will find this program to be a combination of an excellent learning opportunity, experience and most importantly you will enjoy the rewards of helping other kids.

Some ideas we are developing

Kids Helping Kids Through Business presents lots of ideas to participate in our business programs to help other kids.

  • Serve as a Golf Caddie in charity golf tournaments. Give a portion of your caddie fees to charity. See our “Caddie Program” to start planning your caddie training and our Caddie Program Events to help develop a program to participate in.
  • Act as an organizer for caddie events. An important community service role you can provide is helping organize caddies for a golf event. This will give kids jobs, experience, networking and a great exposure to the positive environment of golf. Prepare a notice at your school to invite kids to a meeting to discuss the program. Provide them with the “Caddie Training Manual” and create opportunities for them to caddie!
  • Help kids learn about business in our Business Case Study Program. Kids interview a business, report their findings and share it with other kids in our “Business Case Studies Program“. Help other kids learn about business and prepare for their futures.
  • Participate in our Music Mentoring program to help us create songs for other kids to learn from and enjoy.