Gift of Business Books

The Gift of Business books is great gift idea. We have identified several of our business books as gift ideas. The Gift of Business for Kids Provides a kid-friendly approach to introduce, prepare, and launch kids into business. Kids take steps to develop a business. Kids are easily engaged in business as they explore business … Read more

Business Preparation Program™ Level: 1 Introduction

Business Preparation Program™ Level 1 Introduction: is a great starting point to business preparation to understand some of the resources available to you and how to approach the learning  of skills and experiences. It is often more effective learning when you have a reason to learn and understand how you are being taught and why. For … Read more

Seed Capital Financing – Introduction

This is our kid’s financing program to help kids raise money for any business idea. This program is a unique financing program as it raises money for kids’ businesses using real business tools that startups would use to raise money. The businesses may range from a lemonade stand , our book selling business opportunity, other … Read more

Invest In Yourself™ Program

Invest in Yourself™ is an idea for kids to create and choose activities that help them prepare themselves for a successful future. Kids have choices in life and we would like to help kids make good choices and prepare for a successful future. Now that you have heard the term “invest in yourself”, what does … Read more


The following are quotes by Jeff M. Brown founder of The quotes are organized by specific programs and products available from our website. Copyright Š 2000-2017, ” The business of teaching kids business is an exciting opportunity and a very rewarding partnership with kids, parents, educators, youth groups and communities around the world.” … Read more

The Kids’ Guide to Business

The Kids’ Guide to Business Introducing, Preparing, and Launching Kids into Business by Jeff M. Brown Provides a kid-friendly approach to introduce, prepare and launch kids into business. Kids take steps to develop a business and are easily engaged in business as they explore business basics and advanced business principles using the lemonade stand business … Read more

Getting Started In Business

How Do We Teach You How To Get Started In Business? There are many ways to approach how to get started in business. How did you get started walking or talking or reading – you probably don’t remember. It is safe to say that each of these accomplishments happened because of a number of people … Read more

Business Cases

Our business cases will help you learn about business from reviewing real business cases or examples of busineses. We have provided cases that will show you a variety of business related topics of interest to kids and kid’s businesses. Just click on the choices below to view the business case. Microsoft hostile takeover of Yahoo … Read more

Business 101 Course

This course will introduce,prepare and provide experiences to help kids prepare for business and career choices. Introduction to business Business Basics Program This section gives kids the ABC’s of business which will help them get started thinking about business. Lemonade Stand Program This program walks kids through many steps of setting-up and running … Read more