Kids Academy Egypt

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Welcome to the Kids Academy Egypt in partnership with

The two day camp has been developed to introduce kids to business, develop skills and gain valuable experiences to prepare for business.

The program is based on a two day camp session.

Course outline:

Resume C/V – is a starting point to the program. We would like you to create your own resume to help you understand the skills and experience you currently have while setting a plan to further develop yourself.

Business Basics – will help introduce you to business terms and explain how they are applied to business.

Skill Development – we would like you to choose several skills that you would like to explore and learn activities to develop these skills.

The Business Game for Kids™ – this is a fun way as a large or small group to play a game that provides experiences in business.

Student as a Job™ – this class will help you understand what a job is and how being a student can help you learn valuable job experience.

Lemonade Stand Program – this will walk you through many steps to take to launch your own business. This will help you learn to plan a business.