Resources – Skills and Experiences

The Resources are unique and innovative teaching materials/classes/lessons/activities/curriculum to challenge and engage students/kids/children/teens/youth/K-12. We have created new ways to develop skills and experience to enhance success in daily life, independence and in preparation for business and entrepreneurship.

This content is rich in text to allow the readers to proceed at their own pace with a variety of self directed learning opportunities which can be enhanced in groups and/or with assistance from a parent or teacher.

The resources have been written in a way that the concepts can be understood at any age while applied at varying levels. The reader explores innovative thinking in a personal way as the materials are written to invoke; discovery, interest, self awareness, discussion and further research and development.

Resources have been organized into four sections to improve access to our content.

  1. Skill Development Activities – life and business skills to create a foundation of skills for school, daily life and business preparation.
  2. Business Experiences Programs™ will help develop skills while gaining valuable experience.
  3. Games – for a more fun approach to learning.
  4. Registered User Programs –  provides additional content of activities, programs, games and bonus programming for a fee. Business Preparation Program™ is an organized selection of resources from and additional paid courses to provide a certification/degree/diploma in business.

Start the journey of developing your résumé with skills and experiences to help you succeed in daily life, as a student and prepare for your working life in business.

The Business Preparation Program™ uses courses from resources to help you get started in this new program.