Business Basics

Kids Business Basics™ recognizes the need and demand for basic business information for kids. We cover the major areas of business in a kid-friendly way.

Our goal is to develop an introductory business program that is unique to kids, but consistent with what you would be taught in a university business program. Therefore, we are working towards creating a business program that deals with business basics that kids can relate to and apply to their current lives and their future business lives.

We encourage kids to work through this program on their own or with friends or help from an adult.

The program has been designed in a way that the information is presented as a resource and supporting activities are suggested to further develop the concepts.

We have had requests from teachers for lessons on business related topics to help expose kids to business. Our response has been to create this program. We always welcome comments on our existing programming or areas of interest for new programming.

We also encourage teachers to use the program and at the completion, please consider awarding kids with a certificate of our “Kids Business Basics™ Program,” KBB. Students can then progress to the Business Preparation Program™.